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The Link below is to the Equine Dentitry website by Hanne.E.Lynne. DVM,MRCVS,MDNV. and contains lots of information and pictures on the subject.

Equine Dentistry Website

The 3 photographs below show Jills veteran Horse My Bonne Amie (Amy) being examined by Equine Dentist Mr James Noble from Carlisle.On this occasion the Horse was sedated by a Veterinary Surgeon but would still not allow any work to be carried out in her mouth. She has a lot of major problems with her teeth and a new appointment has been made when she will be put under a general anaesthetic so that the required work can be carried out.

James Noble Equine Dentist.

Examined by J.Noble

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On Tuesday 24th January 2006, Mr Chris Otty the Vet came out and gave Amy a different combination of sedatives and this had the desired effect allowing Mr James Noble the chance to work on the problems in her mouth. I was fortunate enough to get some more photographs and some video footage while the work was being carried out. The sedation lasted about 25 minutes after which time the Horse started to move about when any work was carried out in her mouth.

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